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I am a former Broker Sales Manager and an Operations Manager who is now working as a leadership coach, consultant and strategist across four key areas:

  • Leadership of successful teams
  • Optimisation of mental performance 
  • Leadership psychology
  • High performing teams

Within these areas, I design, coach and facilitate bespoke leadership development programmes for individuals and teams including managers of all levels, directors, executives, professional athletes and aspiring leaders. My clients include the Delegates of the European Union, The Fred Hollows Foundation in Timor-Leste, the Fiji Sun newspaper, Lakes DHB, Kmart and Foodstuffs.

I am listed by Evan Carmichael as one of the top 100 leadership experts in the world to follow on Twitter.

When I design leadership programmes I draw from my twenty five years of managerial experience across a range of industries in the United Kingdom and here in New Zealand. I am accepted in the MBTI suite of tools and I am a professional member of NZAPT (New Zealand Association of Psychological Type) NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management) and NZATD (New Zealand Association of Training & Development). I am a published author of two leadership books and I've had articles published in a range of magazines including Lifestyle for Men Magazine, M2, New Zealand Management Magazine as well as having a weekly business column with the Fiji Sun Newspaper. I am the current editor of Elite Leadership magazine.

If you want practical effective coaching and facilitation based on a foundation of modern leadership theories then get in touch via Twitter, the enquiry form below or call me direct on 021 354 831 (New Zealand)

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  • How To Get The Best Out Of New Employees
    It’s a big challenge to recruit the right people but its just as much a challenge to get new recruits to a stage that they are adding value. From an organisational perceptive, a new employee needs to be up to speed as soon as possible yet the reality is that on average it takes a minimum of six months for a new employee to get to the same level of productivity as an experienced co-worker and in several cases it takes much longer.
    Posted: Thursday 22 August 2019
  • Leadership & Ego: The Bridge Between Humility & Arrogance
    The relationship between Leadership and the Ego is a strange on. The ego is best described as “a persons sense of self-esteem or self-importance.” This is important for a Leader to possess as they need to have a level of confidence in order to inspire people to follow yet when that ego gets out of hand then the Ego becomes the enemy of good Leadership and often leads to a downfall
    Posted: Monday 19 August 2019
  • What To Do When You Have Too Much Work
    It’s a story that I hear far too often, a Leader that is drowning in work. They have far to much work that can’t reasonably be completed in the time available. Typically in these situations the Leader tries to deal with the situation by working longer hours. This is incredibly short term thinking as the longer hours you work the less effective you are and the less effective you are the more mistakes you make which then results in even more work.
    Posted: Thursday 15 August 2019
  • How To Motivate Your Team After A Bad Week
    It’s easy to motivate a team when everything is going well because people like success and the feeling that winning brings but when things go wrong, it's different. It's much more difficult to motivate a team when things are not going well. No matter how good the team may be everyone at some time has a bad week, when a mistake is made its just takes the wind out of the team’s sails leaving it deflated. When the team was once loud, now it’s quiet, when once it was supportive, now people are blaming each other
    Posted: Monday 12 August 2019
  • Five Leadership Lessons From Sir Richard Branson
    Sir Richard Branson, best known as the founder of the Virgin Group of companies is one of the world’s top entrepreneurs. With an estimated net worth of $5 billion Richard Branson has taken Virgin from being a single record shop in Oxford Street in London and transformed it into a global brand with investments in over four hundred companies ranging from Books, Trains, Airlines and even potential space travel with Virgin Galactic. Over the years Sir Richard Branson has been recognised as a successful leader turning Virgin into one of the worlds most successful companies. When we look into these successes we can find Leadership lessons that every leader can benefit from.
    Posted: Thursday 8 August 2019
  • How To Deal With A Stressful Job
    At one stage or another you will feel stressed at work and while a little bit of stress is good when that stress gets too much then it can have a detrimental effect not only on your work but also on your personal life. Instead of leaving work behind, you end up bringing it home with you, talking to your partner and friends about how stressful work is and before you know it your whole day is completely filled with thoughts about work, you find it difficult to sleep and you find yourself in the situation that you are living to work instead of working to live
    Posted: Monday 5 August 2019
  • How To Improve Your Presentation Skills
    There are a particular set of skills needed in order to deliver an effective presentation, all of which can be learned over time. I coach several Leaders with the specific aim of making their presentations more effective. If you are interested in coaching then get in touch with me, but regardless here are some practical tips that will help any Leader make their presentations more effective.
    Posted: Thursday 1 August 2019
  • Are You Mothering Your Team?
    This past week I’ve had to address the same scenario with two very different leaders. They are both highly regarded by their organisations, both very smart and have a lot of technical knowledge and both have recently taken over teams and while the industries they work in are very different they share the same problem, which is, they don’t feel like a Leader to their team they feel more like their Mother, constantly reminding them, constantly chasing them up and tidying up after them both in terms of poor work but also just tidiness around the office.
    Posted: Monday 29 July 2019
  • Leadership & The Power of Listening
    In my experience the best Leaders are also the best listeners. The ability to listen is one of the most underestimated qualities that Leaders require in order to be successful, we spend so much time focusing on communication, learning what to say, how to say and when to say that it’s easy to forget that communication is worthless unless we are willing to listen.
    Posted: Thursday 25 July 2019
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
    When I was in Fiji last week I had the honour of spending time with a couple of young entrepreneurs with a very exciting future ahead of them and it made me think about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. During my time coaching people in business I’ve found that it’s not the smartest, it’s not the richest and it’s not the people with the best ideas that end up being successful entrepreneurs, it’s always the people with the right mindset, the right attitude, the right desire in short they have the Entrepreneur mindset.
    Posted: Monday 22 July 2019
  • Programming Your Mind Towards Success
    Here’s an easy question - do you want to be more successful? No matter what a person has they always want more, more money, more confidence, more time. A question that is not so easy is how can you be more successful? Well that is where this week’s article can help you. I coach a lot of successful people who strive to be even more successful and they do this by programming their mind towards success.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 May 2019
  • The 3 Most Common Mistakes That CEOs Make
    It’s not easy being a CEO because every mistake they make can have a significant Impact on the organisation they are working for. This is a challenge because despite best intentions everyone makes mistakes and CEOs are no different. As a Leadership Coach I’m honoured to have several talented CEOs as clients and we spend regular time together analysing the current workload in order to identifying potential mistakes before they actually happen. In this week’s article I want to share with you some of the most common mistakes that CEOs make and we try to avoid them before they happen.
    Posted: Wednesday 1 May 2019
  • Leadership Lessons From Marvel Studios
    Marvel studios are one of the most successful movie studios in the world with Avengers Endgame being the latest in a long line of financial blockbusters yet twenty years ago things were very different. In 1999 Marvel was on the brink of bankruptcy, forced to sell the rights to their most popular characters. In this week’s article I explore the Leadership lessons behind this remarkable success journey
    Posted: Wednesday 24 April 2019 , 1 Comments
  • 8 Ways To Do More In Less Time
    In business you can buy many things, you can buy experts to give you advice, you can update your equipment and even hire more staff but the one thing you can’t buy is time. The most important factor to success is time because it’s limited, there are only so many hours in a day so it’s vital that you take advantage of every hour and minute available.
    Posted: Monday 29 January 2018
  • The Importance Of Values & Culture In The Workplace
    Values and Culture are the most discussed topics when it comes to effective teamwork but it is also the most misunderstood. Values and culture creates a framework which attracts the most desirable candidates, helps retain the most valuable employees and creates an environment which motivates and inspires the team. That is when it’s successful and done well.
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  • Are You An Alpha or Beta Leader?
    Every team is different and is in some way unique but at the end of the day all teams consist of people and when people are involved there are specific things that work that turns a collection of individuals into a highly effective team. In this article I will share with you the most important aspect of teamwork and that is Leadership.
    Posted: Monday 15 January 2018 , 1 Comments
  • How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Work
    Every year millions of people around the world see the New Year as an opportunity to make positive changes to their lives. Whether it’s a desire to lose weight or to get a promotion at work, people welcome the New Year and the opportunities it brings, yet these resolutions are often empty promises that we make ourselves. On average only 8% of people will actually get to the end of next year with their resolution completed and the vast majority of around 80% will quit their resolution by the end of February. Why does this happen and how can we make sure that our new year resolution doesn’t become an empty promise and becomes a reality instead?
    Posted: Wednesday 10 January 2018
  • Why Businesses Need To Embrace New Leadership
    Every business has leadership but very few businesses have effective leadership. The leadership model that is most common in businesses today is an outdated model that is creating workplaces that are preventing employees from realising their full potential and as a result these businesses are quickly falling behind other businesses that have decided to lead in a new modern way.
    Posted: Thursday 16 November 2017
  • The Future Of Performance Reviews
    If you are a regular reader of my articles then you would already be aware of my opinion that the traditional model of performance reviews is outdated. The process in which Managers sit down with their staff every six months to formally record and evaluate their performance no longer works and the larger the organisation the more outdated the process is and it just simply does not work. So what's next?
    Posted: Monday 30 October 2017
  • Top Tips About Internships
    An internship programme if done correctly can be of great value to both parties, the intern and the organisation recruiting the interns. In this article I'm going to explore what needs to happen in order to make internships work.
    Posted: Monday 23 October 2017

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