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I am a former Broker Sales Manager and an Operations Manager who is now working as a leadership coach, consultant and strategist across four key areas:

  • Leadership of successful teams
  • Optimisation of mental performance 
  • Leadership psychology
  • High performing teams

Within these areas, I design, coach and facilitate bespoke leadership development programmes for individuals and teams including managers of all levels, directors, executives, professional athletes and aspiring leaders. My clients include the Delegates of the European Union, The Fred Hollows Foundation in Timor-Leste, the Fiji Sun newspaper, Lakes DHB, Kmart and Foodstuffs.

I am listed by Evan Carmichael as one of the top 100 leadership experts in the world to follow on Twitter.

When I design leadership programmes I draw from my twenty five years of managerial experience across a range of industries in the United Kingdom and here in New Zealand. I am accepted in the MBTI suite of tools and I am a professional member of NZAPT (New Zealand Association of Psychological Type) NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management) and NZATD (New Zealand Association of Training & Development). I am a published author of two leadership books and I've had articles published in a range of magazines including Lifestyle for Men Magazine, M2, New Zealand Management Magazine as well as having a weekly business column with the Fiji Sun Newspaper. I am the current editor of Elite Leadership magazine.

If you want practical effective coaching and facilitation based on a foundation of modern leadership theories then get in touch via Twitter, the enquiry form below or call me direct on 021 354 831 (New Zealand)

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  • How To Become A Better Leader In 2017
    The New Year has started and with it comes your goals for the year. Businesses demand a lot from their leaders and with every year you are expected to do more with less. As expectations grow the resources required to meet those expectations reduce, so it's more vital than ever before for leaders to become better.
    Posted: Monday 9 January 2017
  • Why Now Is Not The Time To Quit
    The business world is a tough world and you will face obstacles, many obstacles and in fact you will consider quitting but the difference between the people who succeed in business and the people who fail in business is that successful people view these obstacles as feedback not as a signal to quit. Every obstacle provides you with feedback and opportunity, valuable lessons for you to know what you are doing wrong and an opportunity to correct that path.
    Posted: Monday 2 January 2017
  • What To Do When You Work For A Bad Boss
    Numerous studies from all around the world have shown that the number one reason that determines whether an employee stays in their job or leaves is their relationship with their boss. If you work with a boss who you respect and enjoy working with you are likely to stay in a position even if you don't enjoy other aspects of the job but if you work for a bad boss or someone who lacks the basic leadership skills then it's only a matter of time before you leave even if you enjoy the job itself.
    Posted: Monday 19 December 2016
  • Business Lessons From Marvel Studios
    In 1999 Marvel was facing bankruptcy with barely enough money to pay their employees, yet a mere ten years later they were purchased by Disney for $4.3 billion. This journey from failure to success offers many lessons that can help any business no matter what industry they are in.
    Posted: Monday 12 December 2016
  • When should A Leader Move On?
    Here in New Zealand we are reacting to the shocking news that our Prime Minister John Key has decided to resign. In politics you usually only see a leader resign when they have been caught in a scandal and even then a resignation is becoming more and more rare yet in this case John Key has decided to walk away from his leadership role while his party is polling at 50% of the popular vote, the economy is doing well in New Zealand and he stood a good chance of winning the next election
    This got me thinking, when is the right time for a leader to move on?
    Posted: Wednesday 7 December 2016
  • 5 Tips To Negotiate Better
    The success of a business can be determined by the quality of its negotiations. The ability to get the best deal possible can make or break a business which makes negotiating skills among the most valuable that any businessman can have. In this article I explore some of the key tips that will help out on any negotiating situation.
    Posted: Monday 5 December 2016
  • Business Lessons From Formula One
    Formula One is a multi-billion dollar business with major corporations such as Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull spending millions of dollars to compete for the Formula One constructors championship. The best drivers in the world in cars reaching speeds of over 350 km/h competing against each other in races held all around the world.
    Posted: Monday 28 November 2016
  • The One Lesson I Can't Teach You
    I've coached leaders at all levels, from young aspiring leaders to experienced CEOs and I've helped leaders oversee organisational change. I've guided them through dealing with sensitive poor performance issues but there are a few things that I make clear I can't help with. Certain aspects of leadership which are fundamental to becoming effective but are so personal that it's only the leader that can work on them. Without these qualities not only can't I help them but they will never become a great leader.
    Posted: Monday 21 November 2016
  • Change Your Mindset To Achieve Your Goals
    I'm honoured to be in the position of a Leadership Coach and I've helped many people reach their goals. After all these years of working with people and studying winners, a clear pattern of behaviour that is consistent in all circumstances has emerged. If we implement this pattern of behaviour into own lives then we too can achieve success
    Posted: Monday 14 November 2016
  • The DNA of Great Leadership
    Like DNA itself, great leaders have four main building blocks. They have the ability to lead themselves. The ability to lead people, the ability to achieve results and finally the ability to create a legacy. When all these abilities come together you have the DNA of great leadership. Let me explain in more detail.
    Posted: Monday 7 November 2016
  • Inspirational Lessons From Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbach, Chiwetel Ejitor and Rachel McAdams is the tale of a highly successful surgeon, who when he loses the full use of his hands as a result of a car accident, finds that his journey for a cure, takes him into a mystical world and a battle between good and evil. Like all tales of a hero's journey, Doctor Strange provides us with inspirational lessons that we can use to help us overcome our own personal challenges.
    Posted: Sunday 30 October 2016
  • What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Horror Movies
    It's the time of the year that you will want to curl up on a sofa and watch a series of horror movies yet while you watch them you may be unaware of what business lessons you can learn from the genre of horror. So let me explain how the process that has brought horror to your movie screen can show you how to remove the horror out of your business.
    Posted: Thursday 27 October 2016
  • The Art Of The Apology In Business
    Mistakes happen, no matter how much you prepare or how good you are there are going to be times that you will make mistakes. In the business world, mistakes can be crucial and they can prevent you from winning a new contract or even worse, they can lose you an existing one. So, despite all the work you put in to ensure that mistakes don't happen in the first place you also need to be prepared for when they do.
    Posted: Monday 24 October 2016
  • How To Communicate Like An Inspirational Leader
    As a leader you need to inspire people in such a way that you will make them work with you and with full commitment and passion. This is a challenge because in the vast majority of companies, the time a leader gets to spend with his team is limited, so it's vital that any time you get an opportunity to gather your team together to talk to them, your message and its delivery needs to be as inspirational as possible.
    Posted: Monday 17 October 2016
  • How To Make Better Decisions
    A leader is judged by the quality of their decisions. The ability to make the right decision in a timely and decisive manner can be the difference between a team succeeding and a team failing, but how can a leader make the right decision and what is the process that they follow? In this article I look at what a leader needs to consider in order to make the right decisions at the right time.
    Posted: Monday 10 October 2016
  • 3 Steps To Turn A Losing Team Into A Winning Team
    There are many challenges that leaders face but one of the most difficult is when the team has a losing culture. The team has lost the will to win, lacking self belief and is producing one poor performance after another. The situation may seem hopeless but is not.
    Posted: Monday 3 October 2016
  • 7 Tips on How To Turn Failure Into Success
    Failure is that horrible experience that we try desperately to avoid. In fact most people are so desperate to avoid failure that it prevents them from trying in the first place. It’s this feeling that forces us to look at ourselves and face the disappointment of what we see, the reality that we are not as good as we thought. You might not feel it at the time but the reality is that failure is the best thing that could happen to you.
    Posted: Monday 26 September 2016
  • How To Become An Inspirational Leader
    This week I want to talk about the quality we most associate with leaders and that is the quality to inspire people. With research showing that approximately 25% (33% in larger organisations) of staff consider their immediate manager or supervisor as a poor leader the people who have this rare quality to inspire teams are in great demand because many companies are starting to realise the true impact that inspirational leaders can have on productivity and profitability.
    Posted: Monday 19 September 2016
  • What They Don't Tell New Leaders
    It can be daunting to take on your first leadership role. The usual scenario is that you have expertise in your chosen field and things have been going well, so well in fact that your employer now wants to offer you a promotion. You are no longer just one of the team. You are now expected to lead the team
    Posted: Monday 12 September 2016
  • Four Ways To Double Your Productivity
    In my experience I firmly believe that there is a secret to time management which has transformed not only my own personal effectiveness but also changed my life. I firmly believe the secret of time management is not to manage time but instead to manage energy.
    Posted: Monday 5 September 2016

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