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I am a former Broker Sales Manager and an Operations Manager who is now working as a leadership coach, consultant and strategist across four key areas:

  • Leadership of successful teams
  • Optimisation of mental performance 
  • Leadership psychology
  • High performing teams

Within these areas, I design, coach and facilitate bespoke leadership development programmes for individuals and teams including managers of all levels, directors, executives, professional athletes and aspiring leaders. My clients include the Delegates of the European Union, The Fred Hollows Foundation in Timor-Leste, the Fiji Sun newspaper, Lakes DHB, Kmart and Foodstuffs.

I am listed by Evan Carmichael as one of the top 100 leadership experts in the world to follow on Twitter.

When I design leadership programmes I draw from my twenty five years of managerial experience across a range of industries in the United Kingdom and here in New Zealand. I am accepted in the MBTI suite of tools and I am a professional member of NZAPT (New Zealand Association of Psychological Type) NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management) and NZATD (New Zealand Association of Training & Development). I am a published author of two leadership books and I've had articles published in a range of magazines including Lifestyle for Men Magazine, M2, New Zealand Management Magazine as well as having a weekly business column with the Fiji Sun Newspaper. I am the current editor of Elite Leadership magazine.

If you want practical effective coaching and facilitation based on a foundation of modern leadership theories then get in touch via Twitter, the enquiry form below or call me direct on 021 354 831 (New Zealand)

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  • How To Make Good People Great
    People will work hard for you, in my experience the majority of people go to work in order to do a good job yet despite how hard they work for you they will work even harder for themselves. In order to reach their own dream people will sweat blood and tears and go far farther than they ever imagined possible. It's amazing how many times I see limitations smashed when what a person wants is on the other side of that limitation.
    Posted: Monday 8 February 2016
  • Leadership Lessons From Pep Guardiola
    The career of Pep Guardiola is a catalogue of success both as a player and as a coach. While he was a player, Pep Guardiola played forty seven times for Spain and won seventeen trophies including the European Cup and six national championships with FC Barcelona. When he became a coach the trophies continued with three more Spanish league titles, again with Barcelona and two champions league trophies among his collection of seventeen trophies gained as a coach.
    Posted: Wednesday 3 February 2016
  • Four Ways To Be More Productive
    Work is busy. The paperwork on your desk is stacked high. As soon as you put the phone down, it rings again and when you eventually get to your emails you see nothing but a screen of unopened messages. So you work harder, you work longer and when you do clear your work and meet your targets, your boss turns around and says thank you and as a reward he gives you even more work! Sounds familiar?
    Posted: Monday 1 February 2016
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For A Job
    Finding that perfect job is difficult. In fact finding any job can be difficult in this tight job market. Is there anything you can do to change things so the odds are in your favour? What can you do to avoid getting that dreaded standard email saying "thank for your interest but you were not shortlisted."
    Posted: Monday 25 January 2016
  • Seven Steps To Turn a Underperforming Team into a Performing Team
    Taking over as a leader of any team can be a daunting task, yet if the team is an underperforming team, the task is monumental. When a team is underperforming it's usually because there has been a lack of effective leadership over a period of time which has led to a series of bad habits within the team. Yet this presents an opportunity for you to shine & demonstrate your leadership skills.
    Posted: Tuesday 19 January 2016 , 1 Comments
  • The Leadership Octagon
    There have been many occasions when I've coached good leaders who turned into world class leaders. It's a difficult journey since world class leadership has different aspects and people find some aspects more comfortable than others. In total there are eight sides to world class leadership and the key is to be aware of all these sides so you know where you need to focus your development and when you have mastered all eight sides you will become a world class leader.
    Posted: Monday 11 January 2016
  • How To Deal With Your Inner Critic
    It all starts with a whisper. You start to feel a sense of self doubt. Maybe you are being a bit ambitious, maybe you are overestimating your abilities. The whisper turns into a clear voice. It tells you that "this always happens to you, you are just unlucky, don't aim so high. At first you ignore the voice but the familiarity of the words resonate with you. The words carry a lot of weight because they come from a familiar voice, the voice is yours. Your inner critic has spoken.
    Posted: Wednesday 6 January 2016
  • How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Work
    The new year brings with it new opportunities and it's that time of the year that people traditionally put together their new year resolutions in a list of changes that they want to make to their lives. Some people have personal resolutions such as losing weight, or starting a new relationship or business while others have professional resolutions such as getting a promotion. Whatever the resolution, people make commitments to themselves to change their lives for the better.
    Posted: Monday 4 January 2016
  • Business Lessons From  The UFC
    Today the UFC is the fastest growing sport in history with pay per view buys that are greater than boxing and wrestling combined. They have expanded all across the globe with their shows seen in over 150 countries and in 22 languages. The story of the UFC is a remarkable example of a business turnaround from being banned and bankrupt to becoming an international billion dollar industry. In this story are lessons in business that can help anyone who wants to be successful.
    Posted: Monday 28 December 2015
  • Why Do Some Leaders Cling Onto Power?
    I recently wrote an article on the dark side of leadership. In the article I explored how the power that comes with leadership can be so tempting that leaders hold on to power when the true purpose of leadership is to share power. I used the example of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus who took charge in order to save Rome and once it was saved he handed the power back and returned to his normal life. He didn't do this once he did this twice.
    Posted: Monday 21 December 2015
  • What Is Your Leadership Legacy?
    If you are reading this article then there's a high probability that you are a leader. You have already made the decision to influence people, to inspire people to become better as individuals and as part of a wider team. At the end of the day how will you be measured as a leader? Will it be by how much profit you made for your organisation, how many products you produce or awards that you receive?
    Posted: Monday 14 December 2015
  • Common Myths About Entrepreneurship
    The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is a tempting one. I should know as I'm an entrepreneur myself. I took the step of moving away from a safe but dull full time job and into the world of entrepreneurship. I created my own leadership development business and I started travelling around the Asia Pacific region delivering workshops showing people techniques and strategies in order to become inspirational leaders. It's a great life but it's a life full of misconceptions and myths.
    Posted: Monday 7 December 2015
  • How To Set Goals That Work
    It is universally accepted that goals form an important part of success. You can't walk into a workplace without some goals bring plastered on a wall somewhere Each employee will most likely have a set of individual goals as well as those set by their boss. When work ends, many people go home to a set of other goals, this time life goals. Whether they are documented or not, goals are everywhere yet the majority of goals are unrealistic.
    Posted: Monday 30 November 2015
  • How To Unlock Your Potential
    You either work to achieve your life's ambition or you work for someone who is chasing theirs. There are too many people I have met who are not just not chasing their dream but are completely unaware of what their dream is. A life without a dream is a life of living in darkness and the danger of living in darkness is that it's easy to spend so long there that they acclimatise to their surroundings.
    Posted: Monday 23 November 2015
  • The Deadly Sins Of Leadership
    During my twenty five years as a Manager I've had the wonderful opportunity to be placed in every leadership scenario you can imagine. This has resulted in some wonderful personal successes and yes some failures as well. When I look back and analyse my failures the reason behind them very rarely originates from a failure of leadership theory or technique but rather a failing of me as a person.
    Posted: Monday 16 November 2015
  • Business Lessons From James Bond
    One of the most successful movie franchises in history is back in the cinemas this month. James Bond has returned in Spectre the 24th film in the official series. Ever since Dr No hit our screens in 1962 James Bond has been thrilling audiences for over fifty years making it the highest grossing franchise in ticket sales in movie history once inflation has been taken into account. Many businesses would be proud of this level of success. So what lessons can be found when we analyse the franchise
    Posted: Monday 9 November 2015
  • Why Good People Can Turn Into Bad Bosses
    A recent survey revealed that one in four people have a boss that they consider to be a poor leader. The same survey also showed that even though their boss was a poor leader they were also considered to be hard working good people. How does this happen? How can good people who have good work ethics find themselves in a situation that they are considered by their team as a bad leader?
    Posted: Wednesday 4 November 2015
  • It's Time To Take A Break
    There no getting away from just how important work is in our lives. Not only does our work pay our bills and allows us to survive but it defines who we are in society. Whenever you met someone new one of the first questions they ask you is "what do you do?" It's not a surprise with work playing such a big part of our lives that many tend to fall into the trap of allowing work to consume us.
    Posted: Monday 2 November 2015
  • Are You Missing Out On The Next Big Thing?
    In today's competitive market every company is looking for every advantage they can find. Finding that next big idea that can improve efficiency, save money or produce a new product. Its these kind of ideas that can make a huge difference to any company. It could be the difference between being a market leader and going out of business. Companies are so focussed on finding these new ideas could they are actually in fact missing ideas that are right in front of them.
    Posted: Monday 26 October 2015
  • Top Tips For Young Leaders
    The path of leadership is not a set path. Some people actively pursue leadership while others have it thrust upon them. Some become leaders later in life while others step into this role at an earlier age. For me personally, I got my first managerial role at the age of eighteen and while I was confidant with the technical aspects of the role I wasn’t so confident with. While I had became a Manager I was still learning to be a leader.
    Posted: Wednesday 21 October 2015

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