How To Unlock Your Potential

How To Unlock Your Potential

How To Unlock Your Potential

By Mark Wager

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never see the light” – Bruce Lee

You either work to achieve your life's ambition or you work for someone who is chasing theirs. There are too many people I have met who are not just not chasing their dream but are completely unaware of what their dream is. A life without a dream is a life of living in darkness and the danger of living in darkness is that it's easy to spend so long there that they acclimatise to their surroundings. People become so used to a life in darkness that they forget that the light exists and when they see the light in others they instinctively do what they can to extinguish that light which in most cases they attempt this through negativity. This is one of the greatest shames in life as each and every person has the potential to achieve great things. They just need to unlock that potential. It's not too late to turn a life around you just need to be aware of the steps to follow.

Here's a few steps to unlock your inner potential

Find your light
The journey to reach your dreams is a long and hard one and there will be many times that you will want to give up because it gets too hard. The only way to push yourself further than the person next to you is if your dream is your passion, something that you are willing to make sacrifices for. There's never been a dream come true that didn't require sacrifice. The first step is to find that passion, imagine if money was no object what would you want to do? Now the second stage is to determine what success looks like. Don't fall into the trap of having an aspirational goal with no idea of what it actually looks like. Ask yourself a second question "I know I'm successful when......"

Map the path
For every inspirational person there's a thousand who are delusional. The reason why the stories we hear about people overcoming odds to succeed are so motivating is that they are rare. In order to become one of those rare special people you need to map your own path and that starts with looking at what skills are required and how those skills compare to what you currently have. When I was younger I wanted to play professional football but there was one major hurdle that I faced and that was quite simply that I was a terrible footballer. I had no skill whatsoever in spot and no matter how hard I worked or planned nothing was ever going to change that. Be honest about your skills. This can be difficult and is a reason that a lot of people approach a coach like myself. Remember if you want to have a chance in this journey you need to know how far the journey is. Be honest with where you are now and where you need to be.

The key factor that separates the people who do and the people who don't is belief. They believe that their dream can come true with such a passion that it burns away any self doubt. While a level of confidence is natural it is something that needs to be nurtured and developed. Its rare to see someone operating at a high level who doesn't have a system in place to reinforce their self belief. There are many practical methods to do this but the key to becoming confident is to change your inner narrative, that is your inner critic. You need to win that inner critic over and convince yourself that you will be successful.

Take ownership
Imagine this scenario. You have a project to complete at work but because your boss did not supply you with the resources that you requested the project failed. Who's fault was it that the project failed? If you answered your boss then you answered the same as 90% of people and you are wrong. If you want to fulfil your potential then you need to take ownership of all aspects of your life. If your boss is not responding then it's your responsibility to adapt your communication in order to influence him. You need to sell your case better. It ,may sound harsh and maybe not even your natural response but that is why the majority of people do not fulfil their potential.

Your inner potential is waiting for you to release it, you just need to light the spark

About the Author:
Mark Wager is an Author and world authority on Leadership Psychology. Mark offers individual coaching to leaders who wish to seek every advantage possible in order to become successful. If you want to discover the strategies and techniques that will make you a more effective and inspirational leader contact Mark today via the enquiry form below.

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Posted: Monday 23 November 2015

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