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We all have an idea of what leadership is. We easily recognise it when we see it. We see leadership when a civil rights advocate stands up for something greater than themselves. When our favourite sports team comes from behind to win the match we see leadership in action. When a teacher ignites our passion in a subject or when you have a Manager who trusts and believes in you we see leadership.

People recognise leadership but people don't necessarily understand leadership.

A recent study of New Zealand businesses found that one in four employees rate their immediate supervisor as a poor leader. The inability to create a work environment that inspires and motives people is costing companies significant amounts of money in lost productivity. A study by the United States Bureau of Economic Research stated that employees that report to someone who they consider a poor leader is a minimum of 10% less productive than an employee who reports to a good leader.

What return do you want on your investment?

When businesses invest money a usual return of 10-20% is considered good. If you invest in a leadership workshop for your Managers you will be looking to see a full return on your investment within a month. Investing in a leadership workshop is no longer a "nice to have" option. Leadership development is now an essential business investment.

Better leaders = more motivated employees = more productive employees = higher profits

On successful completion off any one of our highly valued courses you will be awarded a Certification Of Completion and will be entitled to an additional individual leadership coaching session as part of our follow up commitments.

In-house versions of these workshops are available seven days a week. Contact us to obtain a quote.

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