Mind Coaching via Zoom

Mindset Coaching 

How to transition from a Contender to a Champion 

What would you do if you could achieve your goals just by changing your mindset? Too often people hold themselves back by having limiting beliefs that encourages self-doubt, lost motivation and lack of assertiveness yet it doesn’t have to be this way. 

What is a mindset 

Your mindset is your personal set of beliefs, values and attitudes about yourself and the world around you. These beliefs shape how you view yourself and how you experience the world: Is life happening to you or is it happening for you? Do you feel your life is within your control or destined to be a certain way? Do you believe in personal growth or are you content to stay in your comfort zone?

How Mindset Coaching can benefit you?

A Mind Coach will help you identify your limiting beliefs and together work on strategies to develop a new more confident and effective mindset. 

How does a Mindset Coaching programme work?

The programme starts with a free 30-minute strategy session in which you will gain a better understanding of how the mind works and if coaching is right for you. If you decide that coaching is right for you and we are willing to take you on as a client then a series of 6 x 1-hour sessions via zoom will be scheduled at a date/time that suits you.

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‘This programme has given me useful practical solutions to problems which were starting to affect my confidence in my abilities. I’m looking forward to getting back to the office to put these strategies into proactive and unleash my superhero” - Gayle Vaughan, Tennis New Zealand 

‘This programme has changed my way of thinking. I am feeling excited to use all the tips I have learnt. Also very funny” - Bobbie Laird, Social workers Registration Board

“An invaluable resource for anyone struggling with motivation and maintaining success goals” - Meihana Jolliffe , SPCA

“Mark, thank you. You are a wealth of knowledge. Every topic we discussed you have very practical insights and I feel equipped to walk away and make instant changes to improve quality for work and personal life. Thanks so much” - Ali Sopoaga, Arise Church

“If you feel like you're stuck in a rut or losing motivation then by all means take up this training. This has been really helped me in all areas of my life. You will totally enjoy it” - Sarafina Wedlock, Fijian Broadcasting Corporation 

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