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Inspirational UFC quotes










The most inspirational UFC quotes

Compiled by Mark Wager

A few years ago I read a phrase that fundamentally changed my view on how to be successful. I picked up a copy of "The Book of Five Rings" by one of the most famous samurais of all time,  Miyamoto Mushashi. Toward the beginning of the book he wrote "Once you understand the way broadly, you can see it in all things" he explained that he was an expert swordsman, he killed his first man at 13 but he was also highly skilled in calligraphy, painting and ceremonial tea making. He believed the path to excellence was consistent regardless of the chosen area of expertise. Ever since I read "The Book of Five Rings" I have tried to learn life lessons from anyone who has achieved a world-class level of excellence and there's no better example of excellence than the fighters in the UFC, the modern day samurais.

Here's a list of the most inspirational quotes from UFC fighters

"In fighting, in evolution, in life, efficiency is the key" - George St-Pierre

"Greatness is a life mission being the best is not about being better than anyone else but striving to be the best that you can and bringing out the best in others" - Dominick Cruz

"I think it is about pushing yourself and seeing how far you go; and it's about failing sometimes - and failing miserably sometimes - but standing up afterwards and realizing what happened, and the mistakes that you made". - BJ Penn

"We are all fighting something." - Renzo Gracie

" I think the key is never being satisfied with your skills and you have to constantly learn. I say this all the time, I sound like a broken record, but if you are not getting better in this  sport you are getting worse" -Kenny Florian

"George is good for a reason. He has the best people around him" - Kenny Florian on George St-Pierre

"If you want something you have to will it into experience" - Dominick Cruz

" I was just happy the fight was over, I knew my arm was broken in the fight. I definitely wasn't going to quit - I've broken bones before and continued fighting but there was a part of me wondering how I was going to.....what strategy I was going to use, to win this fight with a broken left arm in the second and third rounds" - Rich Franklin

" For me honestly I think that fight was lost six weeks before the fight even began" - Rich Franklin

" it's not always the best team that wins the game it's the team that plays better" - GSP

"Always think and be positive" - Dominick Cruz

"No matter how great they tell me i am Im always just one mistake from losing it all" - GSP

"My mentality is like a samurai they used to train every day, work on their technique to make themselves better, almost perfect, perfection is impossible but every day you get closer and that's what I want . Every day I want to get better than I was the day before. I want to use every second of my life, every time I have in my life to make me a better fighter. It's more than a job it's a way of living" - GSP

"Infuse heart, soul, spirit and passion because talent is not enough" - Dominick Cruz

"If you haven't lost in this sport then you haven't fought the right guys yet" - Matt Hughes

" I've made mistakes but the beauty of life is that each regret builds character and makes us a better person" - Vitor Belfort

"I was thinking Im going to die but I'm not going to tap" - Lyoto Machida

"Are you willing to pay the price and invest the time, sweat and dedication that greatness requires" - Dominick Cruz

"You have to fight just to survive" - Brock Lesnar

"He's going to have to break my arm, put me unconscious or knock me unconscious because I'm not tapping, I'm not stopping and I'm not quitting" - Brian stann

"Be brave, be bold and above all be honest, some people will hate you and some will love you but they will all see the real you" - Renzo Gracie

"I'm not the best but I'm capable of achieving the impossible" - Anderson Silva

"A lot of people are lazy when it comes to making up their own mind about something, you know? If you're labelled one way then they think thats how you are. It takes too much time to really look into things" - Rashad Evans

" Look at your life, everyone will always tell you you can't do sh@t, I'm proof you can do things" - Frank Mir

"They say it is impossible but I've overcome the odds before" - Shogun Rua

"Success is a combination of effort, talent and hard work. There's got to be hard work and mental toughness. It's not just one thing that gets you there it's an accumulation of things" - Brock Lesnar

"Only worry about things that are within your control" - Jon Fitch

"There's a solution to every problem. I just have to find the right solution to fix this problem" - Brock Lesnar

"Live the life you're living and try and stay who you are" - Donald Cerrone

"We are all the custodians of our own destinies, and we must all try to do the absolute best with what we have to work with- sometimes you will have great successes and other times colossal failure, but if you don’t try time and time again, you will be left on your couch with nothing but a bucket of “What-ifs.” You have no choice in this life but to push forward and try to do the best you can" -Jason "Mayhem" Miller

"A fight is 10% physical and 90% mental" - George St-Pierre

"If you have a dream in your life, go ahead it's possible, go ahead" - Lyoto Machida

"You really have to humble yourself and take your ass whippings to understand that you can learn something from somebody" - Dominick Cruz

"I take pride in taking the hard road and prove to people I earned it" - Jake Ellenberger

"A loss is truly a loss if you don't learn from it" - Gray Maynard

"I know what I want and I've dedicated my life to achieving it" - Rory MacDonald


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Posted: Saturday 23 March 2013


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