Leadership Coaching via Zoom

Developing Yourself As A Leader: Leadership coaching 

As high-performing new & emerging Leaders develop their Leadership style, it is Imperative to have the necessary skillset and knowledge to gain influence and increase impact across an organisation. 

How does a Leadership Coaching programme work?

Through a series of zoom sessions you will become armed with a number of actionable outcomes to help develop yourself as a Leader. These learning outcomes include crafting a more strategic and effective approach to your career trajectory grounded authentically in your strengths, experiences and aspirations; readiness in communications, dealing with poor performance, influencing obstructive colleagues and preparation for the moments of potential challenge or derailment, including transitions and collaboration.

Schedule your introductory coaching session 

Leadership coaching consists of a minimum of 6 x 1-hour coaching/training sessions with a Leadership expert, arranged at a time/date that suits you. 

Your journey begins with a free of charge 30 minute strategy session, in which you will explore the barriers preventing breakthroughs in your development and potential solutions. 


“This was a very eye opening experience that I have no doubt will benefit me going forward in my career & understanding others better. I highly recommend this course if you are open to growth and insightful conversations. I have learnt a lot about myself today but also about how to better go in forward - thank you” - Michyla Nixon, Hayes Recruitment 

‘Mark is unbelievably knowledgeable and able to put theory into a practical sense, this makes it accessible and genuinely useful. This programme has a way of enabling you to view things from a different perspective and helps you grow” - Meg Kwan, Daises early childhood education. 

‘If you are a new or existing Leader looking to take the next step on your Leadership journey and looking to improve as a high-performing individual then I couldn’t recommended this programme more!” - Eddy Bramley, Wellington Cricket

‘Maybe you think you are very successful, maybe you think you are very confident, maybe you can deal with conflict situations but if you attend this programme you will learn more and surely perform better” - Hossein Zadeh, University of Canterbury 

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