"We were very pleased with the Leadership Workshop provided for our national management team here in Timor-leste. Mark tailored the content and materials of his workshop to the unique needs of the context and our organisation. We noticed immediate improvements in our managers interactions with staff and each other, in their eagerness to work as a team and in their overall attitude.

The next time I am in need of a consultant for leadership training, I will be calling upon The Australasian Leadership Institute and Mark Wager again"

Dr Jerry Vincent
Clinical Education Advisor for Timor-leste


"I have attended a number of similar workshops in the past. This by far has got to be the best in terms of presentation and relevant topics covered. Loved it. Thank you Mark"

- Kara Koroi, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation 


"I thought the workshop was awesome, really informative! Mark made complex theory really interesting and expertly narrowed it down to fit into one lesson without making us feel like we missed some crucial information. His examples were spot on, something for everyone to relate to. The group exercises were fun, not forced, and got us up and out of our chairs. I am fascinated by my results and the results of my colleagues. I have a deeper insight into our behaviour now. Since the workshop I find myself thinking about our personality types a lot and can recognise certain responses or actions."~Amanda Charlesworth, England


"This workshop will benefit our centre in so many ways. It will help the team understand each other enter and become more tolerant. I'm sure this will improve collaboration" - Diana Johnson, Manager Capital Kids, Wellington 


"Mark Wager is an inspiring man who helped me understand myself and the people around me,the tests and examples were useful and supported by funny stories to make the topics clear to everyone. Time flies during his workshop; they are really eye-opening!"~ Alex Warmerda, The Netherlands


"Mark is a great presenter. He is thorough, relatable and very informative. The whole workshop was light hearted and fun even though he was able to go deep into discussions that are confronting. I would highly recommend Mark for any workplace" - Jennifer Neill, Wellington 


"I just wanted to email you and thank you for all that you have taught me. You have changed how I interact with people on a daily basis and today has made me realise that everything I learnt has developed my understanding of people both sociologically and psychologically"~ Vicki Main, Auckland


"I enjoyed how practical and interactive the workshop was – everyone got involved – it was very attention-grabbing! I found it surprising how my personality traits can change over time and I learned a lot about myself. Mark was an excellent facilitator; he was very clear with his explanations, humorous and creative. His workshop will definitely help me grow in the areas I need to work on as I pursue my long-term goals."~ Jiurie Samisoni, New Zealand


"A high powered training squeezed into a single day. We've got more value out of it than we paid for. Very interactive & without any dull moments. Will definitely ask for more"- Salend Kumar, Paradise Beverages Ltd


"This workshop needs to be done to improve efficiency in the workplace through better communication, structures and how to keep everyone more accountable"- Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation 


"Excellent opportunity for aspiring leaders. This is my first job as an assistant and this workshop has definitely benefited me. This is going to help me in my daily duties as I deal with different people everyday" - Kavi Raniga, Fiji


"Mark's workshop s an excellent introduction to understanding the nature of leadership and self-assessment. His knowledge of the subject is outstanding" - Richard T, Punjas 


"Insightful, helpful & practical. In day I've learned important tools on how to deal with different people in different ways & mainly how I can be perceived as a leader" - Tabatha Longa, Brazil


"Do it. You'll get a better understanding of other people's behaviours and also of yourself. I you want to take yourself to the next level it'll be very helpful" - Billy Ng, Christchurch 


"As a Leader of 30 or so people and a couple of years of management this workshop was extremely beneficial. It's given me some great ideas on how to reduce negative conflict and increase positive conflict"- Tana Isaac PTML


"Amazing workshop, was very motivated to learn throughout the day" - Amit Nijhawan, UNICEF 


"Worth attending to get a good clear foundation of why conflict arises. Short but quite dense in information. Mark delivers information well and adapts his workshop to fit the client's needs" - David Clayton, Weta FX


"This is an amazing opportunity for anyone no matter your field of work. I have gained so much and learnt so many ways I can change myself for the benefit of others. It is an awesome course that covers all the essential information regarding conflict with plenty of tools, videos and real life examples we can relate to. It was such an honour to be part of this course"- Sophie Isabel, Smash Group