Performance Coaching via Zoom

Performance Coaching via Zoom 

How to take your teams performance to the next level 

What is Performance Coaching

A Performance Coach uses a combination of neuroscience and psychology in order to improve the work performance of individuals by identifying and addressing the mental and technical barriers preventing their development.

Typically a Performance Coach will work with a group of employees from the same organisation and through a series of group and individual meetings held on a monthly basis help them develop the skills required to achieve their organisational objectives 

How Performance Coaching can benefit your team?

Performance issues addressed without the need for escalation 

  • A reduction in the levels of in-fighting 
  • More effective communication within the team 
  • A more empowered and self-sufficient workforce 
  • Increased levels of motivation and engagement 

Schedule your introductory coaching session 

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“It is incredibly useful to take the time to consider how different we are in terms of our world view and working styles and how we communicate. I will use a lot of what I have learnt here” - Julie Corker Amnesty Int.

“It’s a good programme that doesn’t overwhelm you with tons of information. It has very practical examples/videos. The speaker makes the whole session very smooth and easy to follow. Time just flew, I’ve learnt and have many things to think about to make a change for myself” - Minerva Manzano, AUT

“Do it, the The fundamentals of leadership that I learnt are very much applicable to my current role. I work in a non-profit organisation and thought that a lot of things wouldn’t apply to my customers but it certainly wasn’t the case”  - Joey Bonnevie, Catholic Diocese of Auckland 

“I would recommend this programme. Mark is an incredible facilitator who is willing to answer any question. He challenges and supports. Very useful information that will definitely be applied in real life” - Felicity Jansonius, Girl Guiding NZ

“Well worth while. Very complex situations and topics delivered in a very simple manner with practical solutions” - Kasey King, NZ Rugby League

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