How to create the perfect team

How to create the perfect team

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Seven ways to create the Perfect Team

 by Mark Wager

What is the number one difference between the average companies and the great companies? Without doubt every great company has elite teamwork at its foundation of success. They have found that more than processes and systems, it's the dynamics of the relationships between people that generates the energy required to take a company from average to truly great.

They have teams that care and respect each other. They watch each other’s back and push each other to achieve results together that they couldn't do on their own.  Sounds fantastic but how do you make this happen?

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, but whether they are small or large or have formed for an immediate product or are in it together for the long haul you will find that every great team shares the same seven qualities.

Common purpose

During the course of our lives there's one question that we ask more times than any other. That question is "why?" We all have an innate desire to seek meaning in everything. Make sure the team doesn't come to work wondering what the point of being there is. Everyone should be able to go home at night and explain to their partners not just what they do but why.


An elite team have members that are dependent on each other in order to do their job. This interdependency forces people to work together and focuses their energies on finding solutions when relationships break down.

Clarity of roles and contribution

In order for interdependency to work everyone has to know not only what they are expected to do in order to complete their job but also what everyone else does and how that impacts other people. 

Mutual and individual accountability

Once you have clarified everyone's roles you next need to clarify who will be accountable for what. A natural reaction of every Manager is to take responsibility for everything but the best scenario is to spread out the responsibilities within your team which may include the final decision on certain matters. This level of trust and responsibility helps the team and gives them what we call..


Empowerment is the process of giving your team the skills, knowledge and resources they need to overcome any obstacles they face in order to do their job. People like control and it's the job of a leader to put that control into the hands of the team.

An elite environment

At some level we are influenced by our environment. I've seen teams located in poor premises suddenly increase productivity when they move into more luxurious offices. If you are having a team building day leave the office behind and find a location that provides the same high level of quality that you require from your team

Satisfaction from mutual working

One of the most effective ways to create an elite team is a simple one that is -make people smile. You can spend hours putting together scientifically researched team building exercises but no one has designed a session that is more effective than people having fun together.

Never forget that no matter how good each individual is at their job a highly performing team will always reach greater heights than a group of individuals. As basketball legend Michael Jordan once said

"Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"


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About the Author:

Mark Wager is New Zealand's leading Leadership Coach. To contact Mark regarding MBTI Team Building, Team Building for Sports Teams or Leadership Coaching use the enquiry form below

Posted: Wednesday 1 May 2013


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