The 2020 New & Emerging Leaders Programme

The 2020 New & Emerging Leaders Programme 


This programme can be delivered in-house at your organisation at a date & time that suits you. I’m action the content will be fully customised in order to take into account the unique challenges you face within your industry.

Public programme 

In 2020 there will be a New & Emerging Leaders Programme available for the general public to attend


Session 1: 14th April 

Session 2: 19th May

Session 3: 23rd June


Karstens conference centre, level e, 205 Queen street, Auckland, New Zealand 

The 2020 New & Emerging Leaders Programme - Developing the next generation of Leaders

This programme is also available in-house for organisations in New Zealand. For an Emerging Leadership Programme customised time to suit your needs contact Mark Wager at the programme:Across the globe, visionary companies are investing in a pipeline of emerging executives who can help them build and secure a competitive edge. This New & Emerging Leaders Programme speeds this time-consuming process by equipping up-and-coming managers with a broader understanding of the global marketplace and a more integrated view of the organisation. Participants will emerge from this programme with the leadership confidence, cross-functional skills, and strategic insights to drive meaningful change, innovation, and growth in any economic climate

What you will learn:

Focused on leadership, change, and innovation, participants will be empowered to take on the full responsibilities of leadership. This highly interactive approach broadens their confidence to lead high-performing teams that generate future growth. With a broader grasp of leadership , you will return to the workplace ready to identify problems, formulate solutions, and increase productivity.

Sessions:Part 1: Introduction To Leadership 

Many people are given leadership roles because of their technical ability to do the job rather than their leadership skills. Technical skills will only get a leader so far, if they truly want to excel in the role then the need to learn how to lead.This workshop provides the participants with an understanding on how to influence, inspire and motivate a team.


The differences between Management & Leadership 

Leadership in New Zealand (Research paper)

The Psychology of why people follow 

The most effective leadership styles 

How to avoid the common mistakes that new managers make 

Part 2: individual coaching 

Part 3: How To Develop A Champions Mindset 

This workshop is in simple terms sports psychology in the workplace. Regardless of your occupation the barriers preventing you from reaching a higher standard of performance are either technical (lack of skills, expertise or resources) or mental (lack of motivation, self-belief or focus) This workshop shows you how to identify those mental barriers and to develop strategies to greatly improve your performance.


The differences between a Fixed & Growth Mindset

How your mindset impacts performance\

How to change your Inner Narrative 

Motivating yourself & others 

Part 4: Individual coaching 

Part 5: Leading Without Authority 

Leadership is not a title or a position it’s an attitude. This 1-day workshop looks at how to influence people regardless of your role within an organisation. Learn practical techniques to influence colleagues & stakeholders.


How to influence upwards within an organisation 

The Six factors of influence

Influencing & Persuasion techniques

How to lead within an organisation regardless of your position 

Dealing with difficult people 

Part 6: Individual coaching 


Early Bird (tickets purchased prior to 31st January 2020) $ 1,195 nzd per person 

After 1st February 2020 tickets are $2,295 nzd per person 

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