Auckland: Alpha Leadership: Be A Leader Who Matters

Thursday 19 December 2019 - Friday 20 December 2019
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Alpha Leadership - Be a Leader Who Matters 

- A 2-day workshop with the Australasian Leadership Institute 

$1,345 per participant

Why do certain companies win and others fail? How can you be a leader who creates results that improve performance? 

Two days at the Australasian Leadership Institute will immerse you in new ways of thinking and new perspectives that will catapult your career and company to new heights. With a group of dedicated leaders like you, learn to strengthen Leadership fundamentals, explore emerging Leadership trends, and transform them into actionable insights. Learn what it takes to innovate as a Leader and team, and how to scale excellence. Then return to work — energised and inspired — with a plan and the tools to produce success.

Key benefits:

Lead by design, with authenticity, power, and a deeper understanding of human behaviour and your own leadership strengths.

Return to work rejuvenated with strategic action plans and the leadership skills to effectively implement them.

Day One: The Psychology of Great Leaders

Understand the four stages of Leadership evolution 

Understanding how the mind works 

Becoming aware of sub-conscious bias (in yourself & your team)

The power of expectations (Pygmalion Effect)

Day Two: The Steps To Creating A High Performing Team

The DNA of successful teams 

The Neuropsychology of Motivation 

The Stages of group development (Tuckman)

Changing a culture 

Who should attend:

The most typical attendees are people who have been in Leadership roles less than five years or are high performing individuals who have been identified as having Leadership potential.

People from a wide range of industries attend these workshops (commercial, non-profit, sports) 

This is what previous participants have said:

‘Has lots of information that is applicable for your role. The psychology is very interesting and helps enlighten you in things you may age not known or even considered. There are lots of practical skills you can take away and apply” - Georgia Whitburn. SPCA

“This workshop is interesting, relevant with some tangible tools provided that will assist you in everyday Leadership. Mark is a great presenter & keeps you engaged through the entire workshop” - Kasey King, NZ Rugby League

‘I appreciate the relevant examples and utilising the experience in the room. It was helpful that Mark was able to link the knowledge to our particular roles, showing insight into our many different organisations” - Leia Jarvis, Barnardos 

‘The information is so useful. Not like any other management/leadership workshop I have ever done- probably the most interesting” - Michelle Feldtman, Manurewa AFC

“Great content, well facilitated. Good resources that were easy to follow and relevant” - Campbell Scott, Harcourts 

“Very useful workshop in a nice venue with a great speaker/instructor that will help you to see difficult situations from a different angle and thereby open your mind for interesting potential solutions. A good opportunity to break paradigms” - Minerva Manzano, AUT

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