How To Have Difficult Conversations

Wednesday 20 November 2019
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

How To Have Difficult Conversations 

An Australasian Leadership Institute workshop 

Are there conversations you need to have but for some reason you keep putting them off? This workshop will prove you with the knowledge and techniques required to have these courageous conversations.

Who should attend:

People who are open to feedback, willing to take risks, and motivated to learn and grow


Fully understand why you think some conversations are difficult 

Learn techniques which will enable to to defuse conflict 

Develop self-confidence & assertiveness 

Learn how to adapt language in order to become a more effective communicator 


How the mind works 

Understanding different personalities 

The 4Q Communication Model 

Practical influencing techniques 

This is what people have said:

“This workshop is outstanding. I believe I will leave being ale to hopefully solve some conflicts & hopefully make sure people are understanding how I’m coming across” - Caitlyn Lorigan 

“This is a valuable workshop. I would recommend this to everyone. It will make you aware of your personality type and those you work with” - Jamie Hati 

“This workshop has really helped with my confidence with making my point known. I definitely would suggest attending this workshop, you will learn a lot” - Caitlyn Lorigan, St Johns 

“Easy to understand & apply to the workplace. Mark is approachable and creates a relaxed atmosphere” - Rachel Turner, Barnados 


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