Gisborne: Introduction To Leadership

Saturday 18 May 2019
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Introduction to Leadership workshop 

$495 per participant (group discounts available)

Designed and facilitated by the Australasian Leadership Institute 

*Voted Best Leadership Development Company in New Zealand 

**Voted Best Training Company in New Zealand 


Many people are given leadership roles because of their technical ability to do the job rather than their leadership skills. Technical skills will only get a leader so far, if they truly want to excel in the role then the need to learn how to lead.

This workshop provides the participants with an understanding on how influence, inspire and motivate a team. 

Who should attend:

Anyone who is new or is aspiring to be in a Leadership, managerial or supervisory role.

What we will cover:

On the day participants will learn:

- The differences between Management and Leadership 

- The Psychology of why people follow

- The most effective leadership styles 

- How to increase productivity 

- The keys to motivation 

- How to avoid the common mistakes that many Managers make

After the workshop:

Every participant is eligible for a free one hour follow-up coaching session and a certificate of completion.

This is what other people have said about this workshop:

“Do it, the fundamentals of leadership that I learnt are very much applicable to my current role. I work in a non-profit organisation and thought that a lot of things wouldn’t apply to my customers but it certainly wasn’t the case”  - Joey Bonnevie 

“The Introduction To Leadership Workshop was informative and very interesting, Mark was engaging, motivating and easy to understand. He creates a fantastic environment to feel confident to share and ask questions. Highly recommend”- Karen Parlane, The Blues

“Valuable workshop to attend. You won’t be disappointed” - Jamie Haiti, St Johns 

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marks Introduction To Leadership Workshop. I appreciated his personable nature and relatable illustrations - there never was a dull moment. I would totally recommend to any leader, seasoned or new to their roles. Thanks Mark” - Katie Che, Husk creative 

“It’s a good workshop that doesn’t overwhelm you with tons of information. It has very practical examples/videos. The speaker makes the whole session very smooth and easy to follow. Time just flew, I’ve learnt and have many things to think about to make a change for myself” - Minerva Manzano, AUT

The Facilitator:

The workshop will be facilitated by Mark Wager, widely regarded as one of the world’s top leadership experts. With thirty years of martial experience Mark has delivered leadership training to many leading organisations such as Unicef, The Delegates of The European Union, The Fred Hollows Foundation, St Johns ambulance services, Barnados, Sofitel resorts and many more

*APAC Business Insider Magazine 2017 NZ Business Awards

**2017 Excellence in Asia Pacific Business Awards

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