Are you walking in darkness?

Are you walking in darkness?

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Are you walking in darkness? 

By Mark Wager

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never see the light” – Bruce Lee

The vast majority of people lack the level of self-awareness that is required in order to be successful and the scary thing is that it’s this same poor level of self-awareness that not only prevents people from reaching their full potential but actually makes people believe there is no problem.

Could you be one of these people?

All successful people share a similar trait, which is the ability to reach a consistent level of intensity, dedication, discipline and focus that the majority of people can’t reach or if they do can’t maintain for long periods. These people are able to do things that others can’t, they were the people who believed that man could recreate the power of a storm in order to create light while others were happy with candle light. They believed that machines heavier than cars could fly higher than a bird. It’s this type of person that believed two people on opposite sides of the Earth separated by oceans, land and buildings could one day have a conversation, as if they were standing next to each other with just a click of a button. You tell these people that something is impossible and they just smile because at that moment an inner voice tells them that there is no such thing as impossible just a challenge. They see the world in two ways, things we know how to accomplish and things we have yet to work out how to accomplish. These people live in the light and in the light anything is possible.

In the light anything is possible.

People like to believe that they are successful because of a natural ability, they were born that way people say. Well if that’s true then why do so many athletes push themselves to exhaustion once, twice sometimes three times a day five to seven days a week in training? If it was just natural talent then they should sit at home watch TV eat a bag of chips and go out the next day and win a gold medal. People like to console themselves that successful people are just lucky, and to be fair any successful person would say that they have had their fair share of luck but would it be anymore than anyone else? When you look into the history of successful people you see a large proportion of people who have suffered, they have lost, they have tinkered with the edge of insanity and have had brief relationships with failure. These successful people can reach and maintain this high level of intensity, dedication, discipline and focus because they have a fundamental level of self-awareness.

Cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am.

We all react to stimulus, something happens to us and we react. There are times that we react instinctively this is called ‘pre-cognitive thought' our non-conscious mind reacts quicker than our conscious mind can process. An example of this is when someone hears something and reacts in a way that a few minutes later they regret. “It was in the heat of the moment” “I didn’t mean it” are some of the common responses. The ability to instinctively react in the way that will produce the desired outcome is called “pre-cognitive genius” This genius enables successful people to not only react in a way that benefits them but also grants them the objectivity to understand the level of control they have over their lives. Once you know you can control your life then you can change your life to become the life that you want. Unfortunately the majority of people walk in the dark, troubled unaware of why there is so much turmoil in their lives, unaware of how many of their troubles are actually self-manifested. So how do you know if you are one of those poor souls unknowingly walking in a life of darkness?

The signs that you may be walking in the darkness

You strongly believe in destiny and luck

A lack of self-awareness creates a full sense that you are at the centre of the universe. This creates connections between you and everything that happens and if a real connection doesn't exist then your sub-conscious creates one. That is usually interpreted as luck, chance or destiny

You are always right

The majority of conflict is created because of people's inability to understand and emphasize with someone else. This inability makes people believe they are 100% right in a situation when all the information points to a different conclusion. This is why it's rare that court action actually results in a resolution that all parties are comfortable with. People think they are looking for resolution when actually in fact they are seeking validation that there thoughts and feelings are justified

You suffer from relationship Déjà vu

If you look beyond the looks of your partner's and see the type of person they are you might find that you are dating the same type of person over and over again. During a persons infant years typically between the ages of zero and seven all experiences are normalized.  This is a self defense mechanism as the ability to rationalize situations has not been fully developed at that stage. A persons self -worth, self-esteem and interpretation of love is formed at this stage and this impacts all future relationships. The reason why you feel that most relationships end the same way is because that is the state  you are subconsciously drawn to.

You are surprised by how people react.

We all live in our own world and low self-awareness reinforces the world we live in and rejects the thought that other worlds exist. This makes people unable to understand and emphasis how other people feel and they only recognize this behavior when it becomes so apparent that we can't ignore it.

You lie about small things

The sub-conscious has a desire to maintain our current mental state, this affects us in many ways and has the ability to override rational thought, this creates scenarios such as self-destruction or lying about small things. It sounds strange but many people lie but convince themselves that they're telling he truth.

The path towards self-awareness is a long one but just the simple realization that you are walking in darkness is enough to bring shades of light into your life. Look into these shades and you will see what the world is really like. You will see that the world that you live in is not at the centre of the universe and the universe is far greater than you could ever imagine. Live in the light and things that previously troubled you such as relationships, conflict at work, money are suddenly seen in a very different way. So ask yourself.. Are you walking in darkness?


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Mark Wager is New Zealand's leading Leadership Coach. To contact Mark regarding Leadership Coaching or MBTI Team Building please use the enquiry form below

Posted: Thursday 4 April 2013


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