2017 Future Leaders Programme

The Australasian Leadership Institute is pleased to announce the start of the 2017 Future Leaders Programme. A series of workshops designed to provide anyone with aspirations of becoming a leader with the foundation of success. 

In 2017 there will be five Future Leaders Programmes running 






The 2017 Future Leaders Programme consists of four non-residential workshops over a six month period starting in July 2017. Combining the latest research on leadership with practical advice from one of the world's top leadership experts this programme is the ideal introduction to a career in leadership. 

An in-house version of this programme is available.


Workshop 1: Mental Toughness

Before you can lead others you need to be able to lead yourself

Overcome self doubt and develop the motivation, focus and discipline that successful leaders require.

17th July Auckland

18th July Dunedin

19th July Wellington

20th July Hamilton 

21st July Christchurch 

Workshop 2: Communication Skills

Effective leaders communicate in a way that motivates and inspires 

Learn the 4-Quadrant leadership communication model, a practical tool to understand how people process information and make decisions.

14th August Auckland

15th August Dunedin

16th August Wellington

17th August Hamilton 

18th August Christchurch 

Workshop 3: Motivating Others

The most successful leaders don't motivate people instead they create environments that allow people to motivate themselves. Understand the psychology of how to create and maintain highly effective teams.

13th November Auckland

14th November Dunedin

15th November Wellington

16th November Hamilton

17th November Christchurch 

Workshop 4: Managing Conflict

The ability to effectively deal with conflict is the most commonly requested training from leaders. Understand how to turn conflict into a positive factor for ongoing success.

11th December Auckland

12th December Dunedin

13th December Wellington

14th December Hamilton

15th December Christchurch

Voted Best Training Company in New Zealand

The Australasian Leadership Institute has recently been voted the best training company in New Zealand by the APAC Insider 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

The ideal participant to the 2017 Future Leaders Programme would have been courageous in the past to approach challenges and opportunities in new ways. To apply please contact the Australasian Leadership Institute via the enquiry form below stating the location of the programme you would like to attend.

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